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Edward Bramah conducting a tea seminarEdward Bramah has been conducting tea seminars - especially for Japanese visitors - for ten years. They are usually held on Fridays and start at 2pm for the whole of the afternoon.

The seminars usually include a talk about the old history of the United Kingdom tea trade with comments as to what has taken place in the past 50 years. A tour of the museum follows with a tasting session of orthodox Indian, Darjeeling and Ceylon teas.

A video film of tea production, again for the orthodox manufacture, is shown before enjoying English Afternoon tea in the tearoom. It is made up of cucumber sandwiches, hot crumpets, scones and clotted cream, followed by a selection of cakes.

The tea enjoyed is a traditional afternoon blend demanding a five minute infusion. After tea a discussion takes place regarding the origins of afternoon tea with a practical demonstration of tea making followed by general questions.

A certificate is awarded for those who attend.

To make a seminar booking please telephone the museum on 020 7403 5650 for details. Alternatively, .

Edward Bramah also offers a thought provoking seminar on coffee and modern coffee drinks.

The seminars cover a talk about the old history of the UK tea trade, an explanation as to what has happened in the last 50 years; a tour of the museum; tea tasting of Assam and Ceylon teas; a video film on production of orthodox tea in Ceylon; a full English afternoon tea. A further explanation of how to make English tea with a special reference to old and new teapots; in conclusion a certificate is given for you as a friend of The Bramah Museum and photo. The seminar is charged at the exceptional value of £50 per person.

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