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1. Freshly drawn water freshly boiled must be used for your tea making. On no account should water be re-boiled.  
2. To heat the teapot, pour some of the water, just before boiling, into pot, swirl and empty away    
3. Use one teaspoonful of Bramah leaf tea per person and one for the pot.    
4. Fill the teapot    
5. Stir gently for a second or two.    
6. To ensure the correct infusion time for the Orthodox teas we use a Bramah 5-minute tea-timer. This waiting is the heart of English afternoon tea.    
7. It is essential to pour room temperature milk (not warm or hot) into each cup before the tea. Use about one and a half tablespoons (three desert spoons). Do not use skimmed milk.    
8. Then pour tea through a strainer filling the cup 1cm from the rim. This ensures leaves do not get into the cup.    
9. After pouring the first pouring, extra hot water is added to the teapot, so as to continue drawing further flavour and strength from the leaves, giving a second or even a third cup.    
10. Before pouring milk into the cups for the second cup of tea, any cold tea remaining in the bottom of the cup is poured into the cold tea or slop bowl.    
11. It is recommended that a tea 'cosy' should be kept on the teapot so as to keep the tea as hot as possible between servings.   Bramah tea cosy  
Bramah tea equipment is available from our shop.