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While the next section sets out for you the procedure for making delicious English leaf tea with maximum flavour, it is obvious that you cannot make such tea without first putting together everything you require.
1. Use freshly drawn and freshly boiled water   Use freshly drawn and freshly boiled water
2. Use Bramah teapot with grate in the bottom of the spout   Bramah teapot with grate in spout  
3. Select Bramah Orthodox grade of tea   Bramah leaf tea  
4. Ensure Bramah tea is stored in a caddy    
5. Measure Bramah tea with a caddy spoon   Bramah caddy spoon  
6. You will require a Bramah tea strainer and bowl   Bramah tea strainer  
7. Bramah tea timer ensures the correct five-minute infusion.   Bramah tea timer  
8. Bramah milk jug. This is available for the milk. Milk should be 4% fat homogenised - skimmed milk is not used.   Bramah milk jug  
9. Bramah Sugar Bowl. White sugar should be used.   Bramah Sugar Bowls and Tongs  
10. Sugar tongs can be used. They were a fashionable part of English afternoon tea.    
11. A Bramah cold tea bowl is used for pouring away the 'dregs' from the tea cups, before the second pouring.   Bramah cold tea bowl  
12. Bramah tea cosies are available in sizes to suit your teapot.   Bramah tea cosy  
13. To complete your tea service you will need a hot water jug, cups, saucers, tea plates, cake forks, a tiered cake stand, a tray, a tablecloth and matching napkins. Tea knives, jam spoons, fruit spoons, cake lifter, cake knife, pie knife, pastry forks, pate knife, and butter knives will also be used as appropriate.   To complete your tea service you will need teacups and saucers, a hot-water jug, tea plates, a cake stand and a tray.  

Bramah tea equipment is available from our shop.