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The biggest teapot in the worldThe Bramah Museum illustrates and explains the history of authentic British leaf tea and of roasted and ground coffee, both of which are served in the coffee and tea room. They are also sold in the shop.

The Bramah coffee and tea room serves authentic British leaf tea, of the kind that used to be drunk all over the British Commonwealth until the arrival of the tea-bag in the 1960s. The coffee room also serves roasted and ground coffee, made the Bramah way, so as to enjoy the aroma and flavour. Bramah coffee has a different taste to the espresso variations of today.

Russian TeapotThe Bramah Museum is in two sections, one telling the story of tea over four hundred years, the other telling the story of coffee. Both sections display a unique collection of ceramics, metalwork and graphic art associated with tea and coffee, illustrating their planting and trading, their social history, and the many methods and means devoted to making these important drinks, up to and including the present day.

The Bramah shop sells the equipage essential to make authentic leaf tea and traditional ground coffee the Bramah way. It also offers a range of related accessories and souvenirs relating to tea and coffee, and important books on the subject. (Available from our shop).