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Any visit to any department store will illustrate the numerous ways coffee can be made. Indeed Edward Bramah having researched the subject through the years has concluded that the simplest way of making coffee using the jug method with quality coffee is the best.
Use Bramah's 2/3 cups or 6/8 cups coffee making jug.
  Bramah Coffee Master's Coffee Maker (to make 2/3 cups or 5/8 cups)  
Use fresh Bramah coffee. This can be in either sachets or loose.
  Sachets of Bramah coffee  
3. A Bramah coffee strainer and spoon for stirring will be required.   Bramah coffee strainer and spoon for stirring  
Choose either a large or small Bramah coffee serving pot.
  Bramah serving pot  
5. Bramah cream jugs are available in two sizes   Bramah cream jug  
6. Bramah sugar bowls are also available. We recommend having two bowls - one for white and one for brown sugar.

To complete your coffee service you will need coffee cups and saucers and coffee spoons. Table mats and a tray for coffee compliment our whole coffee making range, available in our shop.